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I just ran across an interesting e-mail from Larry Augustin of VA Linux Systems, Inc. His point is that open source developers must think from an end user's perspective and not a developer's perspective if open source is to have any chance against the behemoth Microsoft.

If the people you know and love are really on the ball, this is the time when you start getting asked what you want for Christmas. If you are a nerd like me, there is no way you can tell them what you really want. You can't tell them what you really want because everything on your list is so expensive. If you told them what you really want, they might have a brain embolism after they see the prices. Then, if you tell them what you really want and they have a brain embolism, you won't have anyone to get you presents that you really want and the vicious circle starts all over again.

Here's a thought: Why is it that Microsoft feels that they can charge us for their software more than once? You see, Microsoft is preparing to make their software require that you pay them for a license once a year for every year you own/use their software.

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  • 'Tis the season to give and receive STUFF. I was recently given a digital camera which I am very excited about. I'll have a review of it up here pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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