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The Register has this article explaining how the virus creators that came up with Goner were caught. The authors, Israeli teens, were apprehended after DALnet submitted their logs to the FBI.

There's an article running at Reuters stating that Cingular is going to upgrade its network to a 3G system. This makes their cell phone network fast enough to stream video.

Heise Online has an article about a bug in the Linux kernel (versions 2.2.19 through 2.4.10) that allows a normal user to obtain root privileges under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the article is in German, so you will need to use Babelfish to translate it.

It looks like the RIAA is trying, once again, to get special permission to do illegal things. According to this article on Wired, the RIAA tried to tack an amendment on an anti terrorism bill that would allow them to hack into your computer and erase any pirated info they find. Aside from the obvious aversion computer privacy advocates have about this type of law, why should the government give the recording industry rights that no one else has?

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